External Research

The effectiveness of cosmetic ingredients and treatments is mainly dependent on how well and how deep the substances can penetrate the active skin layers, thus being also dependent on how they are applied to the skin.

In order to obtain a competent review of the Bode Pulsed Oxygen Pressure Injection system, the internationally renowned Fraunhofer Institute for biomedical technique was asked to carry out a study. This institute has gained a worldwide reputation for its independence and highly qualified scientists.

Human skin samples from plastic surgery were taken to form a skin model. These human skin samples are, of course, the best proof for efficiency and make animal testing unnecessary. These skin samples were used to scientifically test the efficiency of the oxygen puncture - the Bode OXYjet - using the infrared spectroscopy called 'perm skin'.

The Results:

  • The ingredients penetrate the skin within two minutes!
  • A reservoir of active ingredients forms in the deeper layers of the epidermis!

Whereas the cosmetic preparation Gamma-L-Serum needs about one hour to penetrate the
epidermis simply applied by hand the OXYjet transports the Gamma-L-Serum into the
deep layers of the skin already after only one minute and forms an active deposit there.

Dependent on the selected level of oxygen pressure, the products penetrate the skin in a very short time.


As already mentioned in the introduction, the active ingredients travel down into the deeper layers of the skin, passing the natural interstices between the epidermis cells (biomatrix). Treating, above all, mature or very dry skin, it is imperative to know whether an enhancement of the biomatrix could be achieved. The constitution of the biomatrix is of vital importance for the stability, elasticity and firmness of the skin tissue. Here, the basic rule applies: The more the better.

For that purpose, the NORA BODE research has developed the skin test CERAMIDE CONTROL, which, with the aid of a computer microscope picture makes the biomatrix visible.

After cleansing the skin, skin tissue is applied to a test strip and then analyzed in the NORA BODE head laboratory under a special microscope.

The analysis shows an improvement of the biomatrix as early as after the first oxygen treatment. If the result achieved after the initial treatment can be maintained or even improved through an according follow-up treatment and special care, it will reflect in the appearance of the skin. Small lines can be dramatically reduced after a short time only. The overall look of the skin seems to be smoother and more radiant.

The CERAMIDE CONTROL skin test is carried out for research purpose and to optimize the cosmetic formulation.