OXYaroma - Oxygen Aroma Inhalation


Oxygen Aroma Inhalation Objectives:

  • Improves the metabolic performance of the body
  • Increases the ability to resist infections by stimulating the immune system enhances the blood supply of all vital organs

Oxygen is the elixir of life!

Especially in these days, it is important that our bodies are sufficiently supplied with oxygen. Dirt and pollution, physical, emotional and mental stress lead to a higher need for oxygen.

A lack of oxygen leads to concentration disorders, fatigue, exhaustion, depression, loss of performance and vitality, and proneness to infections and illnesses.

Concentrated Oxygen helps

  • to revitalize body, soul and mind
  • to improve the metabolic performance of the body
  • to increase O2-concentration
  • to relax
  • to help defeat stress factors
  • to fight burnout syndrome

Oxygen for a higher quality of life!


DIn the area of beauty, wellness, fitness and SPA`s, inhaling pure oxygen is an additional offer for more vitality and beauty from the inside.

  • pure oxygen inhalation can be a singular treatment
  • should be offered during a cosmetic treatment
  • to upgrade cellulite treatments
  • to power after workout

3 liters/min. for about 25 minutes is perfect to get the full benefit of the vitalizing power of concentrated oxygen.
The inhalation can be easily incorporated in the treatment methods described above.

Aroma plus - Essential oils in pharmaceutical quality

Scents inspire, enchant, soothe, influence, stimulate...
Using aromatherapy in the room or during the oxygen inhalation, we only recommend essential oils that have been thoroughly tested for their identity and purity, following strict official guidelines.