The OXYjet Concept

Hightech Oxygen for your Body.

The needless oxygen pressure injection with the patented BODE OXYjet is the gentle and effective solution for the treatment of cosmetic and medical problem areas.

By the use of pulsed oxygen pressure highly effective cosmetic and medical formulations and pure concentrated oxygen are pulsed into the deep layers of the skin and form a deposit of active ingredients there - without needles - gentle, effective and safe!


The Most Crucial Active Ingredient NORA BODE Beauty Concept Is Oxygen

Oxygen - Elixir of life

Oxygen is vital for all higher forms of life, because oxygen is responsible for supplying our cells with energy. This energy is needed for pure cell maintenance and to perform their specific tasks in the body.

Of course this applies to the skin cells of the epidermis, too: The cell renewal predominantly takes place in the 'stratum basale', a layer of cylindrical cells, which by cell-division, assure a constant supply of new epidermis cells. The oxygen required for this strenuous task is supplied by the neighbouring blood vessels in the dermis. There are no blood vessels in the epidermis itself, and this is why it is predominantly dependent on the constant flow of oxygen from the blood vessels in the deeper layers of the skin. The cells additionally receive the required amount of oxygen also from the flow of oxygen through the cell interstices (biomatrix) of the skin, collecting the oxygen from the air surrounding us.