OXYjet Set for home use

Supply your skin with concentrated active ingredients, smooth out lines and give your skin a fresh look, whenever and wherever you like: This can all be acieved with the new OXYjet Set by Nora Bode.

Modified for exclusive use at home or on the move, you are now able to treat the problem areas of your skin systematically. You apply the BEAUTY-TOX treatment products included in the Set then push them gently into the the deep layers of the skin using oxygen pressure.

The treatment of the mouth and lip area:

BEAUTY-TOX instatnt lip volume - wave goodbye to thin, pale lips!

  • emphasises the lip contour
  • moistureises the delicate skin of the lips
  • beautifies the lips with 3D effect

The treatment of the eye area:

BEAUTY-TOX instant eye action - Anti-aging begins in the eye area!

  • revitalises sensitive skin
  • fills up the moisture deposits
  • smoothes the delicate eye area

The OXYjet Set - Contains

Contains everything you need for the treatment, after treatment and daily care:

1. The OXYjet Applicator (1 piece)
2. The OXYjet Pure Refill Oxygen Cylinders (2 pieces)
3. The OXYjet Applicator Nozzle (1 piece)
4. BEAUTY-TOX ultra jet treatment with the OXYjet Applicator
5. BEAUTY-TOX lip jet for the treatment with OXYjet Applicator
6. BEAUTY-TOX activator for the aftercare of the problem areas
7. BEAUTY-TOX patches for the aftercare of the problem areas
8. BEAUTY-TOX splendid cream - special preperation for the problem zones around the forehead and eyes
9. BEAUTY-TOX care fluid - effective moisurising fluid for the decollete, neck and face
10. BEAUTY-TOX lip cream - special care for the area around the mouth and lips