Nora Bode OXYjet LEO cool

NORA BODE Oxygen Pressure Injection Unit!
Leader in Oxygen Equipment!
Offer your clients a fresh and youthful appearance by Pressure Injections with Oxygen!

OXYjet Pressurized Injections 5 Powerful Machines in 1 with Additional functions for the Body!

Offer your clients the amazing OXYjet treatment which offers a Non-Surgical Face Lift, thus replenishing tissue and keeping skin moist, which will retard new wrinkle production and heavy lines.

The Safest treatment that can be given to any Skin Type as well as to any age, and still make a difference.

coachOXYjet Pressure Injections
The World renowned Celebrity Facial treatment, which leads the way in Oxygen therapy with its pressurized Oxygen pressure to deliver BEAUTY-TOX: the True A...
The ultimate breathing experience to calm and invigorate. Leaving the client with a fresh feeling of well being. ...
Oxygen and concentrated active ingredients for the gentle treatment of highly sensitive skin following plastic surgery, impure skin, sunburn or just for a ...
coachOXYjet COOL
OXYjet COOL - the new, natural cool lifting by NORA BODE...