Nora Bode OXYjet GO

1. The professional treatment in the practice

Using pulsed oxygen pressure, special cosmetic formulations

and pure oxygen are ”shot“ into the deep layers of the skin –

without needles – gentle, effective and safe!


The intensity of the pulsed pressure is fixed and this enables the active ingredients to penetrate through the natural interstices between the epidermal skin cells into the deep layers of the skin and build up a deposit there. An additional energy boost is provided by the concentrated oxygen used in the treatment as a carrier for the active ingredients. The Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering in St. Ingbert, Germany, has impressively confirmed the strong drug-penetration-accelerating effect of the Bode OXYJET in test series. Different from needle injections, all cosmetic problem areas can be successfully treated with the OXYJET: The whole face, especially the delicate skin around the eyes and mouth, neck, décolleté and body.

5–10 professional treatments are necessary to achieve optimal and long lasting results. To keep the deposit of active ingredients in the skin as long as possible and to stabilize the treatment result, it is essential to use the especially for the OXYJET treatment designed NORA BODE aftercare products. The result of a professional OXYJET treatment course: Smooth, more regular pigmented, fresh skin with significantly reduced wrinkle depth and a visible glow.


2. The OXYJET GO treatment at home

Supply your skin with microencapsulated oxygen and concentrated active ingredients, smooth out lines, reduce pigmentation irregularities and give your skin a fresh look, whenever and wherever you like: This can all be achieved with the new OXYJET GO system by NORA BODE.

Modified for exclusive use at home or on the move, you are now able to treat the problem areas of your skin systematically. You apply the special preparations included in the set and then push them gently into the deep layers of the skin using pulsed pressure. In addition, you can perform a treatment against swellings around the eye area.


3. What happens to your skin

You apply the OXYJET 1 and 2 preparations especially developed for the treatment and speed up their penetration using the OXYJET GO pulsed pressure device. In this way you can build up a deposit of active ingredients in your skin, which provides an immediate smoothing effect as well as a long term regenerating effect on your skin appearance.

What you can expect: The key ingredient ”molecular oxygen“ can help your skin to look fresher, smoother and radiant at any age. The NORA BODE OXYJET special preparations contain a medical-derived high-tech active ingredient that breaks down molecular oxygen in the skin. With the OXYJET GO treatment the oxygen is pulsed deep into the skin and provides the skin cells with the energy necessary to look young and fresh. In addition, pigment-regulating and collagen stimulating agents, replenishing hyaluronic acid and intensively acting moisturizers ensure that the appearance of the skin is optimised.



This special preparation releases molecular oxygen and is the basis of your treatment. The active ingredient used here can demonstrably reduce wrinkles and smooth the skin. In addition, pigment-regulating and intensively moisturizing agents are included.



This special preparation aims to give your skin a new volume from the inside out. A special plant ingredient

approved in Ayurvedic Medicine over hundreds of years can enhance the plumpness of the subcutis naturally. Additionally tightening, soothing and eye zone deswelling ingredients are included.