OXYtone: O2 Lifting




NORA BODE OXYtone Oxygen Lifting is based on the latest knowledge in intensive cosmetic treatments.

Three synergistic acting modules for effective skin lifting:

Oxygen and special NORA BODE preparations are selected so that:

In our daily lives continuous changes in facial expression can leave us with lopsided muscles on one side and unused ones on the other. Also facial contours can change especially as we advance in years or smoke. Thus facial symmetry is achieved by well trained muscles ensuring a free lymphatic flow, necessary for optimized muscle structure and function.

NORA BODE OXYtone acts by poly rotation, this means vibration and rotation on skin, connective tissue and muscles without electricity but mechanically. This poly rotation results in both the relaxation and stimulation of the muscles at the same time. Blood circulation is enhanced thus oxygen and nutrient supply is increased which results in muscle build up. Muscle tone is added which produces a tightened face and body contour.

At the same time the muscle pump is stimulated. This leads to drain of lymphatic flow. Toxins, eye bags and congestions are reduced and the natural detoxication of the tissue is enhanced. Harmonized to the OXYjet treatment and OXYtone serum, which relaxing Bio Blue Light and cooling oxygen combine to optimize the tightening and decongestant action.


Treatment objective of Bode OXYtone is: