OXYspray - Oxygen Spray Treatment


Oxygen Spray Treatment Objectives:


The gentle way of supplying the skin with oxygen and carefully selected active ingredients. During the OXYspray treatment, the skin is sprayed with oxygen, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory active ingredients.

Oxygen improves the cell metabolism, helping to build the important energy carriers Adenosine-Tri-Phosphate and Creatine Phosphate. A lack of oxygen reflects in a reduced cell activity, premature cell ageing and blood circulation disorders, possibly leading to a premature loss of skin firmness and a pale complexion.

Oxygen furthermore helps the immune system to attract certain immune cells in the tissue, allowing an inflammatory reaction, which is vital for many healing processes with following tissue renewal.


During the concentrated spraying of oxygen and special NORA BODE Spray treatment products the skin receives both a vitality boost in form of highly concentrated oxygen and intensive cosmetic ingredients free of preservatives and fragrances.

All that is incorporated in a treatment that is both highly efficient and particularly gentle and comforting for the client.

Even for skin highly sensitive to touch and prone to infections - for example. After surgery, laser treatments and other mechanical peelings - this treatment can be carried out without touching the skin, and still renders a very nice and relaxing feeling for the client. In this case it is advisable to take NORA BODE OXYspray fresh and pure for the first OXYspray Treatment.