OXYjet COOL2 - the new, natural cool lifting by NORA BODE

Stimulating, cool pressure tightens the skin, reduces swellings and inflammations and is used more and more in medicine for the treatment of various skin problems.

In combination with the vitalizing effect of concentrated oxygen and the latest OXYjet ingredient kits especially developed for this treatment a highly effective beauty concept is generated.

The COOL2 Lifting is working in 3 steps:

1. Enzymes brighten the tired listless skin.

2. Wrinkle fillers, regenerating, lightening or anti inflammatory active ingredients are ?shot? deep into the problem areas of the skin by pulsed oxygen pressure injection.

3. The cool tingly fresh cocktail of coldness, oxygen and CRYO2 ampoule is applied, this tightens and vitalizes the skin and lifts the contours.

The feeling on your skin is unique, the result sensational!

Tight face contours and a fine pored, rosy teint will wow you!