Activator instant action moisturizer

Size: 10ml

BEAUTY-TOX ACTIVATOR Instant Action Moisturizer

Concentrated moisturizer for the daily appliance as well as in combination with the BEAUTY-TOX patches.

Active Ingredients:
Unichondrin ATP
Hyaluronic acid


  • Unichondrin ATP is a complex of Chondroitin sulfate, ATP and Proteinhydrolysates. Chondroitinsulfate is a naturally existing biopolymer inside the skin with very good moisture-retaining qualities, the result of which can be felt and seen immediately. ATP is a bio catalyst, enhancing the cell metabolism and supporting the skin in building its connective tissue. The proteinhydrolysates actively support both active ingredients in their effect.

  • Hyaluronic acid in its low molecular weight formation (LMW) penetrates deep into the epidermal layers, stores the applied moisture and by that plumps up lines visibly.

  • Squalan effectively fills the gaps between the biomatrix and smoothes the skin.

  • Panthenol stimulates the process of epithelization, calms irritated skin and keeps skin soft and supple.

  • Application: Twice a day apply some drops to face, neck and decollete and massage gently. In combination with the patches moisture the skin areas to be treated with some drops of the BEAUTY-TOX activator and apply the patches.