Pure toning face lotion

Size: 150ml

Definition: Stimulating and alcohol-free tonic. Fresh and fruity. Contains an alpha-hydroxy-acid complex to smooth hyperceratoses and to stimulate the division of skin cells. At the same time, the Skin Refiner Tonic contains anti-inflammatory and healing agents, as well as regenerating essential lipids. This combination makes it an ideal product for
- Impure skin tending to inflammations
- A course of treatments for mature skin to speed up the cell cells of the epidermis, thus allowing a free discharge of division process.

Active Ingredients:
Pyruvic acid
Tartric acid
Malic acid
Mukurossi extract


  • Dissolves the connections between the ceratose skin cells of the epidermis, thus allowing a free discharge of sebum and preventing inflammations of the impure skin.

  • The removal of the upper epidermal layers leads to a reactive stimulation of the cell division process. The skin shows a smoother and younger appearance.

  • Bisabolol and Allantoin both act anti-inflammatory and support the healing of the skin.

  • The phospholipids regenerate the biomatrix and prevent dehydration of the skin.

  • Mukurissi-extract, a plant extract, acts gently antibacterial and fungistatic, making chemical preservatives superfluous.

  • Application: Apply Skin Refiner Tonic to a cotton pad after cleansing with Rich Cleansing Cream, and gently rub the skin. Important for mature skin: Apply as a course of treatments twice a year (for example after extensive sunbathing) twice daily for a period of approx. 6 weeks, then switch back to Gentle Skin Toner.