Lip contour booster cream

Size: 15ml

Rejuvenating 3D-Effect cream especially for the area around the mouth and lips. For a firmer, smoother and better defined look.

Active Ingredients:
Hyaluronic acid
Vitamin E

MAXI-lip is an oil soluble peptide with a proven 3D-effect on the lip?s skin:
- Increases the lip volume
- Moisturizes the delicate lip skin
- Accentuates the contour

Hyaluronic acid in its low molecular weight formation (LMW) penetrates deep into the epidermal layers, stores the applied moisture and by that plumps up lines visibly. Squalan effectively fills the gaps between the biomatrix and smoothes the skin. Vitamin E enhances blood circulation, strengthens the connective tissue, and positively influences the creation of new skin cells. Bisabolol calming the delicate lip skin and protects against irritations.

Apply two to three times a day to the mouth and lip area and massage thoroughly.