Body Slim Treatment

Size: 150ml

Lipid (fat) degrading and detoxifiying intensive cream for treatment of local fat deposits in face and body. Ideal consistency for intensive massage. Pleasantly scented.

Active Ingredients:
OXYjet Body Slim- act. Ingr. complex 3%
Glaucin 2,5%
Phosphatidylcholin (Lecithin) 1,0%
Vitamin E- Acetate


  • Caffein, important component of the coffee bush, activates the division of fat, by stimulating the enzyme Lipase, which splits Triglycerides (fat) in fatty acids and Glycerol

  • L-Carnitin connects temporarily with the formed fatty acids in order to enable them to penetrate through the mitochondrial membrane into the centre of the mitochondrium of the cell. There the L-Carnitin-fatty acid-connection splits up again, the fatty acid is oxidated and thus entirely degraded into water and carbon dioxid.

  • Ruscogenin in butcher's broom extract activates and increases the lymphatic flow. Fluid stagnation and blockages are eliminated, bloated cells are drained from toxic waste and reduced to their natural size. The pressure in the tissue is decreased, and due the new formation cross linked collagen and elastic fibres the structure of connective tissue becomes firmer.

  • Glaucin is a natural plant-based ingredient extracted from yellow poppy seeds. It was especially developed to combat unwanted fat deposits in the face. It has been proven to reduce the development of a double chin by stimulating the lipolysis and promoting the transformation of fat cells into connective tissue.

  • Phosphatidylcholin, the active ingredient of the so-called "Fatelimination"- injection, emulsifies the body fat, splits it into its components.

  • Vitamin E- Acetate improves the blood circulation, firms the connective tissue and has a positive effect to cell renewal of the skin.

  • Panthenol stimulates the empithelisation, soothes irritated skin and makes it soft and supple.

  • Moisturisers leave the skin velvety soft, looking fresh and radiant

  • Application: For the professional OXYjet- Slimming-Treatment apply after Cleansing and Peeling in a thin layer to areas of face and/or body, and pressure inject with the OXYjet body applicator. For the treatment at home, apply morning and evening to the problem areas and massage gently. Apply OXYjet Body Slim Cream on top and massage into the skin.