Skin Firming Serum

Size: 30ml

Intensive concentrate with quadruple effect. Stabilizes the effect of the Hyaluron and Ceromone pressure injection.

Active Ingredients:
Hyaluronic Acid
Padina pavonica Extract
Borage oil Nanoparts
No preservatives


  • Borage oil and gama linolenic acid intensively regenerate the biomatrix.

  • Hyaluronic acid, due to its high water-binding capabilities, prevents a loss of moisture by storing it in the skin.

  • Rutin slows down the loss of natural skin and added hyaluronic acid, thus fighting one of the main factors responsible for skin aging.

  • Padina pavonica (an alga species) actively stimulates the hyaluronic acid synthesis taking place in the skin.

  • Synergetic anti-age effect for new firmness, smoothness and suppleness of the skin.

    Application: Apply mornings and evening after cleansing on face, throat and decollete. Follow with Ceromone Age Control Fluid or Cream. Contains high doses of hyaluronic acid, leaving a moisturizing film on the skin. Apply make-up with gentle tapping movements only, in order to prevent hyaluronic crumbs from rubbing. Should problems occur with the simultaneous use of make-up, use Skin Firming Serum in the evenings only.